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Tri-Town Transfer Station


 Tri-Town Transfer Station
South Hiram Road
Hiram, Maine
Tel: 207-625-7633

Hours:  Mondays:        Closed
            Tuesdays:       10am to 3pm
            Wednesdays:  10am to 3pm
            Thursdays:      Closed
            Fridays:           10am to 3pm
            Saturdays:       8am to 4pm
            Sundays:         9am to 4pm

A message from ecomaine


Hello Everyone,

My colleague Vanessa Berry, one of our Environmental Educators, will be doing a recycling educational program on Monday June 24th at Bonney Memorial Library in Cornish (start time is 5:30PM).

The  event is free to the public and we would love to have any of you attend  and if possible you could publicize the event in your communities to  spread the word we would really appreciate it!

Thank you very much,


Lissa Bittermann

Business Development Manager


(207) 773-1738 x3119 Office

*** Storm Days at the Transfer Station ***


 The Tri-Town Board of Directors has establish a new policy for storm days at the transfer station.   Effective immediately, the station manager will determine if the station will be closed on storm days.  This is for the safety of our attendants and patrons.    Before heading to the station on stormy days, please call the station at 625-7633 to determine if they are open or closed.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 





Due to rising tipping fees and cost of operation, we have had to increase our demo fees at the station.

All roofing materials - $40/cy to $55.00/cy min. $20

Pressure treated wood - $40/cy to $55.00/cy min. $20

Sheetrock/plaster - $40/cy to $55.00/cy min. $20

All construction wood - $20/cy to $30/cy min. $20

Insulation in contractor bag - $5.00/cy to $8.00/cy

Insulation in trash bag - $2.00/cy to $5.00/cy

Toilets - $5.00 to $8.00 each

Bathtub – porcelain, concrete, or similar - $10 to $15 each

Bathtub – plastic type - $5 to $10 each

If you have any questions, contact your municipal officers at your town office, or the attendants at the station.

Thank you

Tri-Town Waste Board

Representing Towns of Baldwin, Hiram & Porter

Video From ecomaine



We would like to thank the citizens of Baldwin, Hiram, Porter, and of course our attendants at the transfer station for their help with our recycling efforts. As you can see from the letter (see below) we received from ecomaine, your efforts have paid off. We have not been charged tipping fees for excessive contamination.

“Another great month for your communities!  Thank you for the super clean recycling and for everyone’s effort!  It’s been almost a year since we began tracking contamination in the recycling loads and in that time only 2 of the loads from your towns exceeded 5% contamination and that was in the first month of our evaluating the loads.  Since June of last year, the loads have consistently been between 0-1% contaminated.  What an excellent trend for your communities!

We thank you very much for your exemplary work!”

Lissa Bitterman

Business Management Director


Please continue to help us maintain and improve our record of very low contamination. We can’t do it without your help.


Please  be sure to have a valid station sticker on your vehicle when using the  station.  Effective January 1, 2017, if you do not have a sticker, you  will be turned away.

If you change vehicle, please remove the station sticker before passing it on to a new owner.

New Services at the Transfer Station:

  • **The Transfer Station is now accepting universal waste to be recycled from member towns only.  Items included are:
    Televisions, Computer monitors, CPUs, Keyboards, Desktop copiers and faxes,Printers, scanners, and Stereos. 
  • **The Transfer Station is also accepting Fluorescent bulbs, and old rechargeable batteries to be recycled.
  • **Please  check with the attendant before leaving these items as there are  certain restrictions and limited paperwork to be completed.
  •  **If you would like to recycle your books, there is now a book drop-off box at the station for book recycling.
    These services are available to residents of Baldwin, Hiram, and Porter.
    Remember, the more we recycle the more we save in tipping fees. 


Not sure what you can recycle?  Check EcoMaine's RECYCLOPEDIA APP.

 Get instant answers to your waste-handling questions by downloading our FREE ecomaine  RECYCLOPEDIA app today. 

Proper Disposal of Medical Waste & Needles

 Are you wondering how to dispose of  old prescription drugs, empty drug bottles or used needles?  Click below for the proper disposal of home medical waste, and for the proper disposal of needles. 

Medical Waste (pdf)


Needles (pdf)


Recycling Batteries


The Tri-Town Transfer Station is  now part of the "Call2Recycle" program to recycle old cell phones and  rechargeable batteries, and regular batteries.  This is a free service.  Please see an attendant before leaving the batteries. See the list of  acceptable materials below.

Tri-Town Recycling Video

Tri-Town Transfer Station

Serving Baldwin, Hiram and Porter