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Code Enforcement


Office hours:  Wednesdays from 1pm to 5:pm

​Code Enforcement Officer: 
Dan Davis  
Tel: 207-256-4522 

Fax:  207-625-4120

Office hours:  Wednesdays from 1pm to 5:pm at the Town Hall

The best way to reach the CEO is through email.

This department is responsible for;

  •  Administering and enforcing the town's Land Use Ordinance.
  •  Ensuring compliance with the ordinance by reviewing plans prior to  permitting and construction.
  •  Conducting ongoing inspections.
  •  Providing support to the Planning Board and The Appeals Board.


*** NOTICE ***

If you plan to place a pre-built shed on your property, you must contact the Code Enforcement Officer prior to doing so.

State notifications and permitting are required for the following activities.


Significant wetland disturbance outside of the two hundred fifty (250) foot Shoreland or seventy-five                   (75) foot stream protection zones:  (Natural Resource             Protection Act)   

Activities within two-hundred fifty (250) feet of shoreland or seventy-five (75) foot stream protection zones:  (Maine Department of Environmental Protection

If more than two (2)acres of timber is harvested commercially:  (Maine Forest Service Notification of Intent)  (Maine Forest Service Mapping and instructions)   

If activities are within five hundred (500) feet of the Ossipee River or within one thousand (1000) feet of the Ossipee River Floodplain:  (Saco River Corridor Commission)   

When introducing a new curbcut or driveway onto Route 25 (Ossipee Trail) or Route 160 (Brownfield Road), prior to being provided a new E911 address:

Greater than one (1) acre of land disturbed (not related to timber harvesting): (Maine Department of Environmental Protection Notice of Intent) (MEDEP Mapping and Instructions)

Various uses such as Educational, Health Care, Places of Assembly, and commercial uses typically over 2-stories or over 3,000 SF: (State Fire Marshall’s Office)