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71 Main Street, Porter, Maine 04068

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Municipal Building info:
 71 Main Street
Porter, Maine 04068
Tel:  207-625-8344
Fax: 207-625-4120
Web: www.portermaine.org


Porter  is located fifty (50) miles southwest of Paris in the southern end of  Oxford County. Formerly called Porterfield Plantation.  It was settled  about 1781 and named for Dr. Aaron Porter, and was incorporated on  February 20, 1807.

Our  population is 1498, and we are part of Maine School Administrative  District 55 along with the towns of Baldwin, Cornish, Hiram, and  Parsonsfield.

Porter Town Hall Dedication


The  Selectmen would like to thank the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of  Maine and his Suite, the members of Greenleaf Lodge #117, the members of  Drummond Lodge #118, and all the other Masons who participated in the Cornerstone and Dedication Ceremony at the Porter Town Hall on Saqturday July 21, 2018.

Special  thanks go to Roger Berube for organizing this ceremony and to Cindy  Berube and her A-Team for providing refreshments after the ceremony.

Below are pictures of the ceremony taken by Roger Berube and others.

Rob, Ron, and Brent




  • The Town of Porter is seeking bids for the removal of the existing sidewalk and construction of nine hundred and fifty seven feet (957’) of new concrete sidewalk on Main Street. 

  • Location:  South side of Main Street, Porter, Maine
  • Site visit: August 20, 2018 – 9:00AM
  • Bids due at Porter Town Hall: August 28, 2018 – 6:00PM
  • Decision on award of contract: August 29, 2018 – 9:30AM

  • 1) Removal of existing sidewalk and prep work for new sidewalk:
  • Provide all labor, materials, equipment and services required to complete nine hundred and fifty seven feet (957’)of sidewalk, including removal of old sidewalk and prep for new concrete work, in accordance with the drawings and specifications. 

  • 2) Construction of the new sidewalk:
  • Provide all labor, materials, equipment and services as required to complete the construction of nine hundred and fifty seven feet (957’) sidewalk in accordance with the drawings and specifications.

  • A bid package may be obtained electronically beginning August 8, 2018 on the home page of the Town’s web site www.portermaine.org. Copies can be procured from the Porter Town Office with advanced notice and a fee of $10. If the bid package is obtained electronically, an email must be sent to ( r_silvia@portermaine.org )  to confirm you are considering bidding.
  • The contractor must be able to provide proof of liability insurance, EIN number or social security number, and a copy of certificate of worker’s compensation if you have employees working with you, or a predetermination certificate from the State. This must be done before any work can begin if you are awarded the contract.
  • The successful bidder for the removal of the sidewalk and prep work, and construction of the new sidewalk contract must furnish, within 10 calendar days after the notice of award, 100% Performance Bond, 100% Payment Bond, and a complete list of subcontractors.
  • Bidders must be present for the site visit on August 20, 2018 at 9:00AM to be considered for the project.
  • Bids must be returned in a sealed envelope with “SIDEWALK BID” clearly written on the front.
  • The Town of Porter reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to accept any bid that it may deem to be in the best interest of the Town of Porter, to negotiate the contract price with any bidder, and to omit any item or items deemed to be in the interest of the Town of Porter.

To view the bid form and specification, please click the link below.

Bid Proposal for Sidewalk on Main Street (docx)


Solar Project

The following photos are of the installation of the solar panels

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