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Municipal Building info:
 71 Main Street
Porter, Maine 04068
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Porter  is located fifty (50) miles southwest of Paris in the southern end of  Oxford County. Formerly called Porterfield Plantation.  It was settled  about 1781 and named for Dr. Aaron Porter, and was incorporated on  February 20, 1807.

Our  population is 1498, and we are part of Maine School Administrative  District 55 along with the towns of Baldwin, Cornish, Hiram, and  Parsonsfield.

Porter Town Hall Dedication


The  Selectmen would like to thank the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of  Maine and his Suite, the members of Greenleaf Lodge #117, the members of  Drummond Lodge #118, and all the other Masons who participated in the Cornerstone and Dedication Ceremony at the Porter Town Hall on Saqturday July 21, 2018.

Special  thanks go to Roger Berube for organizing this ceremony and to Cindy  Berube and her A-Team for providing refreshments after the ceremony.

Below are pictures of the ceremony taken by Roger Berube and others.

Rob, Ron, and Brent



Studios involvedLakes Region TV, Sacopee Valley High School

Communities involvedBridgton, Harrison, Naples, Cornish, Denmark, E Baldwin, Hiram, Parsonsfield, Porter, Sebago

As  you’re probably aware, this fall Spectrum is upgrading its entire  channel lineup to a digital-only signal. This change will allow Spectrum  to deliver more channels, better picture and sound quality as well as  increased Internet speeds to customers. As part of this nationwide  project, Spectrum will be relocating the Public, Educational and  Governmental (PEG) access channels to the 1300s section of the channel  line-up.  In most instances, we are already simulcasting these channels  in the 1300s.

I  wanted to provide you with this information in advance to make this  change as seamless as possible for your viewers/our customers.  Multiple  notifications will be sent to the municipalities and customers  outlining the details of this project, what’s needed and the timeline  for the changes.  

Below  is a message that we suggest may be helpful to run on the PEG  channel(s) to help get the word out about the upcoming changes. 

Suggested message

On October 30, 2018, Channel 2, 5, 7, 16 & 22 new locations will be on channel 1301, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305 & 1306.  This will  be carried in the basic service tier.  Customers will be required to  have a Spectrum Receiver on each TV.  If you have an existing  set-top-box, digital transport adapter (DTA), or retail device with a  CableCARD on each TV, you will be unaffected by this change.  Otherwise,  to order your Spectrum Receiver(s), please go to Spectrum.com/digitalnow or call 1-844-278-3409 and Charter will ship a self-installation kit directly to your home at no additional cost.  You can also visit the Windham, Saco, Lewiston or Portland Cable Stores to pick up your equipment.  If you  need equipment, customers are eligible to receive a converter at no  additional charge for a limited period of time.  Please note, if  customers have TV(s) without equipment issued by Spectrum, you will lose  the ability to view channels.

Please let me know of any questions.  

Shelley Winchenbach | Director, Government Affairs – Northeast

Solar Project

The following photos are of the installation of the solar panels

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