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Emergency Numbers


Oxford County Sheriff       207-743-9554        

Oxford County Emergency Management     207-7473-6336

Nationwide Runaway Hotline        1-800-786-2929

National Child Abuse Hotline         1-800-422-4453

National Domestic Violence Hotline           1-800-799-7233  

Center for Missing and Exploited Children          1-800-843-5678

National Poison Control Center               1-800-222-1222

National Substance Abuse Helpline          1-800-662-4357

* * * NOTICE * * *

 Effective on November 1, 2018 TV2 (now Sacopee TV) will be changed from channel 2 to channel 1301. 

Holiday closures:


The Town Office will be closed 

both Thursday & Friday

November 22 & 23 for Thanksgiving.

We will also be closed on Tuesday, December 25 

and Tuesday, January 1 for Christmas & New Years.


  We wish you all a wonderful holiday season

              and a prosperous 2019!                     

Rob, Ron, Brent,

Janice, Hannah, and Rebecca



Nomination papers will be available December 7, 2018 

for the following positions:

Selectman, Assessor, & Overseer of the Poor       3 year term

Road Commissioner                                           3 year term

MSAD #55 Board of Directors                             3 year term

 Planning Board Member (2 positions)                   3 year term   

Papers are due back by January 15, 2019 by 3:00 pm.




are due at the Town Clerk’s Office no later than 

6 p.m. on Friday, December 28, 2018

Absolutely no requests or articles will be accepted after that date.

Find out more

**** NOTICE ****


EcoMaine is having a problem with contaminated loads of recycling materials. They cannot accept the following materials: single use shopping bags, trash bags with either recycling or trash in them, food waste, textiles, clothing, pillows, metal or plastic hangers, hoses, plastic containers larger than 5 gallons and Styrofoam forms still in their cardboard boxes.

Downgraded loads (loads which contain 5-9.99% contaminants by volume) incur a contamination fee of $40 per ton and rejected loads (loads which contain 10% or more of contaminants by volume) incur a contamination fee of $70.50 per ton.

Our last load was 20% contaminated, weighed 6.20 tons, and cost Tri-Town $437.10, when in fact, it should not have cost us anything.

Please help us keep our cost down by being aware of the items that are acceptable in the recycling containers. If this problem continues we will be forced to raise the amount requested for the station at your next town meeting. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Video From ecomaine

Important Notices



All dogs over 6 months of age are required by law to be licensed.

Please bring the current Maine Rabies & Neuter/Spay certificate if applicable.

A late fee of $25.00 will be charged 

starting February 1, 2019



 Please check the calendar regularly for upcoming events, meetings, public hearings, special town meetings, etc.   

Hunting & Fishing


Snow Removal

 Parking  any vehicle within a plowed right-of-way during snow removal is  prohibited by State law.  Such vehicles will be towed at the owner’s  expense. 

Street Lights

 If you  notice a street light is out, please notify the Town office with the  pole number and location so we can contact CMP to get it repaired 


 We have open positions on the  Appeals Board.  If you are interested, please stop in the Town Office for more details.​ 

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Fuel Assistance Through Community Concepts


The Low Income Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP) serves Oxford & Androscoggin counties.

If  you are in need of fuel assistance you should contact Community  Concepts at 1-800-866-5588.  A representative from Community Concepts  will be available at the Porter Town Hall every Wednesday from 9am to  3pm during the months of September and October to assist you.  You must call to schedule an appointment.

For more information click the link below.

Fuel Assistance

Become a Foster Grandparent or Senior Companion!

Become a Foster Grandparent or Senior Companion! (docx)


NEW!! Mail Box Ordinance

Boston Post Cane

 The latest  recipient of the Boston Post Cane is M. Ellen Miliken.    She 

was born 97 years ago in Parsonsfield, ME.  She moved to Porter in 1981 and has lived here ever since.  She worked most of her life doing various jobs such as babysitting, working in the apple orchards, rock picking for Manuel Stacey, and anything else that needed to be done.  She and her husband raised four children, Ruth, Faye, Marie, and Richard. She has eight grandchildren, six great grandchildren and one great great grandchild with two more on the way. She still lives by herself in her home in Porter. Amazing.


Spectrum Cable Updates

Studios involvedLakes Region TV, Sacopee Valley High School

Communities involvedBridgton, Harrison, Naples, Cornish, Denmark, E Baldwin, Hiram, Parsonsfield, Porter, Sebago

As  you’re probably aware, this fall Spectrum is upgrading its entire  channel lineup to a digital-only signal. This change will allow Spectrum  to deliver more channels, better picture and sound quality as well as  increased Internet speeds to customers. As part of this nationwide  project, Spectrum will be relocating the Public, Educational and  Governmental (PEG) access channels to the 1300s section of the channel  line-up.  In most instances, we are already simulcasting these channels  in the 1300s.

I  wanted to provide you with this information in advance to make this  change as seamless as possible for your viewers/our customers.  Multiple  notifications will be sent to the municipalities and customers  outlining the details of this project, what’s needed and the timeline  for the changes.  

Below  is a message that we suggest may be helpful to run on the PEG  channel(s) to help get the word out about the upcoming changes. 

Suggested message

On October 30, 2018, Channel 2, 5, 7, 16 & 22 new locations will be on channel 1301, 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305 & 1306.  This will  be carried in the basic service tier.  Customers will be required to  have a Spectrum Receiver on each TV.  If you have an existing  set-top-box, digital transport adapter (DTA), or retail device with a  CableCARD on each TV, you will be unaffected by this change.  Otherwise,  to order your Spectrum Receiver(s), please go to or call 1-844-278-3409 and Charter will ship a self-installation kit directly to your home at no additional cost.  You can also visit the Windham, Saco, Lewiston or Portland Cable Stores to pick up your equipment.  If you  need equipment, customers are eligible to receive a converter at no  additional charge for a limited period of time.  Please note, if  customers have TV(s) without equipment issued by Spectrum, you will lose  the ability to view channels.

Please let me know of any questions.  

Shelley Winchenbach | Director, Government Affairs – Northeast

New Rate Increases From Spectrum


October 1, 2018

Re: Charter Communications – Upcoming Changes

Dear Municipal Official:

At Charter (locally known as Spectrum), we continue to enhance our services, offer more of the best entertainment choices and deliver the best value. We are committed to offering our customers with products and services we are sure they will enjoy. Containing costs and efficiently managing our operations are critical to providing customers with the best value possible. Like every business, Charter faces rising costs that require occasional price adjustments. As a result, customers will be notified of the following price adjustments through a bill message on or after October 1, 2018. Effective on or after November 1, 2018, pricing will be adjusted for residential video service:

• Broadcast TV Surcharge from $8.85 to $9.95  

• Spectrum Receiver from $6.99 to $7.50 

• Digital Adapters from $4.99 to $5.99  

• Latino View from $7.99 to $8.99  

We remain committed to providing an excellent experience for our customers, in your community and in each of the communities we serve. If you have any questions about this change, please feel free to contact me at 207-620-3319 or via email at



Shelley Winchenbach

Director, Government Affairs