Voting and Town Meeting Have Been Postponed to a Date to Be Determined

Sacopee Rescue Board



Board of Directors members from Porter are:
Mark Bolton, Advisor
Patty Smith


Sacopee  Rescue Unit is a not for profit organization serving the towns of  Cornish, Hiram, Parsonsfield, & Porter. The Rescue is independently  operated and relies on the financial support of the 4 towns totaling 20%  of its operating budget.

The Sacopee Rescue Board of  Directors has been in place since June 2013. The members are volunteer  representatives of the four towns serviced by the rescue.  

The Board is  administrative and no Board member is a paid or volunteer participant  on the unit.

The Board has developed bylaws, a mission statement,  and policies for money, staffing and bad debt management.  These  documents may be reviewed at the Rescue Barn